Fast Track Tennis is a brand from the U.S. The European market is
managed by Brolenius Distribution GmbH. Brolenius Distribution GmbH is
the European Distributor and is based in Austria. All European orders
are processed trough us.

It is very easy to set up and take down - it takes only a few
minutes. For a complete step-by-step tutorial and helpful hints for
setting up an taking down your Fast Track Tennis set, watch the videos
provided below!

Set up: https://youtu.be/_4BOtOG39ZM

Take down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qb-aMtFTpZw&t=8s

We try to deliver within 2-5 business days, depending on your location.
Please feel free to contact johan@fasttracktennis.eu, if your order is
taking an unusually long time.

Please write us an email with your wishes or questions. Please add a
small introduction about you and where you are from. Our sales team
is available to you at any time and will get back to you as quickly as
possible. Contact either johan@fasttracktennis.eu or

Please write us an email with your problem to johan@fasttracktennis.eu, we will help you as quickly as possible.

Please write us an email with your return request to johan@fasttracktennis.eu,
please note that we can only take back goods that are in their original
packaging. The return will be at your expense, unless there is an obvious defect in the device that was not caused by your own fault. Before the money is
refunded, the goods must be checked in our warehouse. If your item is
not refundable for any reason, we will contact you. Please always enclose the delivery note!

The Fast Track Tennis Feedback System is
suitable for children to adults from beginners to advanced players. Fun
and progress is guaranteed!

Simply write an email to
johan@fasttracktennis.eu, we will be happy to answer any questions or
clarify any uncertainties. We always strive to offer our customers a
smooth experience.